PTMGroup’s “Preventative” Tire Additives – Your 1st Choice!

Preventative is the key word for the best performance and strengthening your ROI. By installing the PTMGroup tire additive into the tire as early in its life as possible, punctures can be sealed at the instant they occur throughout the life of the tire.

Tire Additive’s performance characteristics are important to consider when selecting an additive for your critical equipment.

PTMGroup employees are the world’s leading experts in tire additive technology, bringing you the next generation in puncture and leak protection. We have the products to set us apart from the competition. They are designed for specific applications, including over-the-road, construction, agriculture, hazardous military or heavy industrial use.

Proven over millions of hard miles with truck fleets and off-road equipment, HIGH PERFORMANCE tire additives prevent up to 90%- 95% of common tire failures from punctures and under-inflation.

Depending upon fleet size, savings in new tire replacements, maintenance and costly downtime can be measured in tens of thousands of dollars. One low-cost treatment lasts the life of the tire, costs less than one tire repair, and extends tread life by 20% or more.

You Can’t Buy Better Protection Against Punctures and Leaks

PTMGROUP is an industry leader in the use of HIGH PERFORMANCE TIRE ADDITIVES which offers a complete flat prevention system. We have all of the equipment and tools for installation, along with easy to understand instructions and videos, as well as on-site fleet training. If questions arise, a technical support team is available via an 800 number for easy access.

EXPERIENCE – With over 10 years of experience utilizing HIGH PERFORMANCE tire additives the PTMGroup sets the benchmark when it comes to technology and product experience. Fleet utilizations of high performance additives in a FULL fleet application can reduce overall tire expenses by as high as 50%.