Our program is built around TRANSPARENCY with our commercial tire dealer network – bottom line: PTMGroup does not sell direct!

We start with developing a relationship with the commercial tire service provider that is interested in growing their existing OTR RENTAL INDUSTRY business base or looking for a NEW revenue stream within the OTR RENTAL industry. PTMGroup offers a marketing approach that is “OLD SCHOOL” in nature working directly with the commercial tire dealer and the end user (RENTAL INDUSTRY). This approach brings the two entities together allowing the service provider to understand the full needs of the rental equipment yard. This helps the service provider to develop a complete business approach within the rental company on a single location or full district service area.

PTMGroup educates the commercial tire service provider of the exact needs of a rental yard manager. Customer bill back is vital to the profitability within the rental industry business and is considered THE key service area regarding their relationship with the commercial tire service provider. While developing your unique program, our primary focus is to reduce your operating costs and to assure maximum return on your investment. Throughout the process, customer satisfaction remains our number one priority.

As the term Complete PREVENTATIVE Tire Management infers, we are OTR tire professionals, well equipped and trained to handle all RENTAL INDUSTRY’s needs regarding foam fill, solid tires, wheels, and rubber track needs. Working together we act as a liaison and a constant visual for both the commercial tire service provider and the rental yard  utilizing our nationwide field representatives. These PTMGroup field representatives assist in proper inventory management ensuring that wheels are returned promptly and efficiently to help lower costs and maintain immediate customer service.  Our field representatives can analyze tire usage and expenditures, make recommendations, prolonging the life of your tires and reducing your customers down time.

PTMGroup offers the nation’s ONLY complete sales program that includes private label brochures, monthly marketing mailers, interim educational sales meetings, and field representatives that actually SELL on behalf of the authorized commercial tire dealer.

DISCLAIMER: PTMGroup dealer network only applies to the “Telehandler Wheel Exchange Program”.  PTMGroup reserves the right to offer additional products to dealer or direct sell to end user – to include solid tires, steel wheels, forklift tires, rubber tracks and under carriage parts, or other industry related products.

PTMGroup first choice for distribution is to utilize authorized commercial tire dealer network to deliver a strong ROI for all parties involved.